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Windows MultiPoint Server 2012: Mystery of the “Create a MultiPoint Server Station, ‘Press B'”

June 17, 2015 Leave a comment

I know, it sounded like a Scooby Doo episode title but it really is in a way.

Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 was awesome; it just works. After recently purchasing the newer MP Server 2012 Premium, our IT Director installed the OS on a newly assembled rack-mount server. The day after, he asked me to check the server for hardware issues because the installation appeared bad. I can’t blame him; I went to the server room and checked the server. Message on the screen says “Create a Multipoint Server Station, Press ‘B’.” Well, that was exactly what I did but nothing happened; changed the keyboard, nothing… I reinstalled the OS which went well then after a reboot, showed me the same message; am stuck.

Anyway, I plugged-in a USB hub with a mouse and keyboard… BOOM!!! It worked.

Strange, but it worked; that’s all that matters…

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