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Install, Configure and Run Dynamips in Windows 7

December 17, 2009 1 comment
Dynamips, in case others don’t know, is like VMware Workstation for Cisco devices. When I was preparing for my CCNA exam, Dynamips was truly helpful and made a difference because it gives you the real look and feel of the IOS environment in contrast to "Panget"… I mean Packet Tracer. I was asked to try running Dynamips in Windows 7 because others weren’t able to make it work. It runs fine but has a little drawback; the live network interaction doesn’t work due to permission issues that am still trying to figure out. Nevertheless, plainly messing with it to try out a laboratory simulation is very much possible. So, here you go:

  1. Download the latest WinPcap and Dynagen.
  2. Install WinPcap first, then Dynagen.
  3. Download your preferred IOS and copy or save it to this location:
         C:\Program Files\Dynamips\images
    Note: Sorry, can’t provide you the IOS. You can, however, Goggle for it
  4. Copy your network file to this location:
         C:\Program Files\Dynamips\sample_labs
    Click HERE to download a sample network file.
  5. Right-click the network file and open it with WordPad.
  6. Edit the following parameters:
         image=C:\Program Files\Dynamips\images\cisco_ios.BIN
          Cisco_IOS.BIN is the actual name of your Cisco IOS
         workingdir = C:\Program Files\Dynamips\sample_labs\my_lab
          my_lab the folder you need create to store Dynamips emulator files 
  7. Close WordPad and click Save when prompted.
  8. Open the Control Panel then click System and Security.
  9. Click Allow a program through Windows Firewall under Windows Firewall.
  10. Click Change settings and click Allow another program.
  11. In the Add a Program window, click Browse under Path and locate dynagen.exe.
    Notice that dynagen.exe is now being listed and highlighted under Programs
  12. Click Add and click OK.
  13. Click Control Panel Home and click Programs.
  14. Under Programs and Features, click Turn Windows features on or off.
  15. From the list of Windows features, select Telnet Client and click OK.
  16. Close the Control Panel.
  17. Click the Windows Orb then type dynamips in the Search Programs and Files field and hit Enter.
  18. When you see Dynamips Server listed, hit Enter.
  19. Click Allow access when prompted by a Windows Security Alert dialog.
  20. Once Dynamips is up and running, double-click your network file.
    You should see something like this
  21. In the Dynagen Console, type start R1 then hit Enter.
  22. Now type idlepc get R1 and hit Enter.
    Repeat this process until you see something like this

    Take note of the value with the asterisk.
  23. Key-in the number where the asterisk appears and hit Enter.
  24. Type idlepc save R1 db and hit Enter.
  25. Type exit all and hit Enter.
  26. Double-click your network file again.
  27. In the Dynagen Console, type start R1 and hit Enter.
  28. Still in the console, type console R1 and hit Enter.

Congratulations! You now have Dynamips successfully running in Windows 7.

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